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DeepFace April 17, 2018

“As more people become aware of the scope of Facebook’s data collection and as consequences begin to attach to that data collection, whether economic or regulatory, Facebook will have to take a long look at its privacy practices and make changes consistent with user expectations and regulatory requirements,” he said.

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Warranty Void Stickers are Bullshit. April 11, 2018

As we’ve reported before, it is bullshit and illegal under federal law for electronics manufacturers to put “Warranty Void if Removed” stickers on their gadgets, and it’s also illegal for companies to void your warranty if you fix your device yourself or via a third party.

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Even when you’re NOT on Facebook. April 10, 2018

Facebook and other massive web companies represent a strong push toward unaccountable centralized social control, which I think makes our society more unequal and more unjust. The Cambridge Analytica scandal is one instance of this long-running problem with what I call the “surveillance economy.” I don’t want to submit to these power structures, and I don’t want my presence on such platforms to serve as bait that lures other people into the digital panopticon.

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April 9, 2018


Imagine your least-favorite world leader. (Take as much time as you need.)

Now, imagine if that person wasn’t a human, but a network of millions of computers around the world. This digi-dictator has instant access to every scrap of recorded information about every person who’s ever lived. It can make millions of calculations in a fraction of a second, controls the world’s economy and weapons systems with godlike autonomy and — scariest of all — can never, ever die.

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Tiny April 8, 2018


A microchain that closely resembles a bicycle chain — except that each link could rest comfortably atop a human hair — has been fabricated at the Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories.

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Non-Verbal Transcription technology April 5, 2018

In other tech news… that sits a little bit into the realm of what me might have thought of not so long ago, as sci-fi,

researchers have developed a tech that can read neuromuscular movement of the face, and in turn decipher the words the wearer or user has

intended in that moment.

MIT researchers have developed a computer interface that can transcribe words that the user verbalizes internally but does not actually speak aloud.The system consists of a wearable device and an associated computing system. Electrodes in the device pick up neuromuscular signals in the jaw and face that are triggered by internal verbalizations — saying words “in your head” — but are undetectable to the human eye. The signals are fed to a machine-learning system that has been trained to correlate particular signals with particular words.

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Not to be cliche… but we all knew this was coming. If Google’s AI doesn’t worry you, you’re not paying attention, or you just don’t understand the potential implications.

At present, Google is working on ‘Project Maven’, an AI application that improves the accuracy of drone strikes. The part about being ‘non-offensive’ is just blatant and obvious ‘spin’. Or what I like to call ‘a lie’.

From the article…

“Maven is a well-publicised Department of Defense project and Google is working on one part of it – specifically scoped to be for non-offensive purposes and using open-source object recognition software available to any Google Cloud customer.

“The models are based on unclassified data only. The technology is used to flag images for human review and is intended to save lives and save people from having to do highly tedious work.

“Any military use of machine learning naturally raises valid concerns. We’re actively engaged across the company in a comprehensive discussion of this important topic and also with outside experts, as we continue to develop our policies around the development and use of our machine learning technologies.”

If I need to interpret, Google’s AI recognizes objects and faces in photographs…

If you’ve ever clicked on a Google ‘captcha’ which asked you to identify, a bus or a car, or a street sign or the like in a photograph, you were actively engaged in teaching the artificial intelligence machine, how to do its job.

Maybe you can imagine, how that might be beneficial to a flying bomb in identifying its target.

Here’s the link…

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Jon 2012 April 4, 2018

Keeping up with the content. This is Jon back in 2012. The location is a demolished car dealership on Sav’ Hwy.

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Random Photos April 3, 2018

It… making sense to generate traffic to this site, and since I’m babysitting an 8 foot long print and am somewhat forcefully glued to my chair I thought I’d take a moment to share a few (very random) images. Some seen before and some, never before seen

If you don’t like my cat pictures, you can go outside and play a game of hide and go fuck yourself. 😉

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But it IS a big deal

Did you install a Web Browser… or an anti-virus tool? Did Google inform you that it was going to scan your whole damned computer with its web browser…. or were you unaware.

This article, while insightful, is WRONG about this not being a big deal. It’s a HUGE deal… as can be seen from the reaction of the Infosec community, you know, the people that actually know what the fuck they’re talking about.

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